Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Whenever there is a fail somewhere there is a success

Yesterday I treated myself to some not-so-good for me food... but I have to admit, it was indeed delicious. I have to tell myself that there will always be nights like this: and if I deny myself I will just continue to drive to Sonic and order chili cheese tator tots (lucky me).

But here is my first lesson on staying in a Clean lifestyle--- Allow cheat meals. Simple and to the point I know, but somehow it's the easiest ones that I don't listen to.
Now Im not talking about cheat days, that would be WAY too much. But cheat meals should not be such a problem. Just as long as the cheat meals do not occur at 1am when Im leaving work and desperately driving home to fall asleep in my bed.

In other news, somehow I have become sick and am a mess. Scratchy throat, body aches, and pounding headache. Nothing that a little tea from Teavana will not help ;)

I will now sign off, take some not-so-clean Tylenol pm, and crawl into bed. Dang, I should have gotten my flu shot!

Happy Clean Eating Everyone!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Beginnings

Recently I decided that I needed a change. Not just some ordinary change, but a "rock my world, turn it upside down, change all I know" type of change.

I had been hearing about Clean Eating from shows like "Dr. Oz," "The Doctors," and "The View" but having no idea what exactly this meant, I went on a research binge.

I learned that eating clean is NOT a diet, but a lifestyle change. Knowing this was exactly the type of change I was looking for, I dug a little deeper. I soon read of all the benefits that changing to this type of lifestyle would bring.

I will have to admit, although in doing so I am HIGHLY embarrassed, I started this journey to lose weight. Slowly as I read more of how and why to encompass this diet, my goals changed from wanting to shed a few pounds to wanting to live the healthiest lifestyle I can.

And now here I am to continue my journey and offer up tips that I am learning along the way. I'm still a newbie myself: so there will be many firsts for me as well!